Digital Provider Telemedicine Network & Marketing Package $0/mo
per provider
Regularly $125/month. See patients through the digital provider telemedicine network and earn $10 to $170 when you participate in paid telemedicine programs.  Includes the marketing package with network marketplace listing.
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Includes the following:
  • Paid telemedicine contracts. Get paid from $10 to $170 for paid opportunities. You choose which programs you want to participate in.
  • Offer video evisit, telephone evisit and secure messaging evisits through the network.
  • Set your own price for network eVisits and office visits
  • We send patients to you through the network marketplace
  • A customized telemedicine clinic link for your website and social media
  • HIPAA Secure Messaging
  • In-Office appointment listing for new procedural appointments or basic in-office appointments.  Fill open appointments with patients through the network marketplace.
  • Second Opinion Network. Get paid when patients request a second opinion (average earnings are $175 to $700/second opinion on AZOVA).
  • eConsult network. Get paid $32 per eConsult when a colleague requests a consult from you.
AZOVA pays you $10 to $170 when you participate in paid telemedicine programs. AZOVA charges a small marketing technology fee for each visit sent to you through the network marketplace. $18/Video Visit, $14/Telephone Visit, $10/Secure Messaging Visit, $18/In Office Visit, $75/Second Opinion.
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* Video calling is billed at 3¢/min per user.